The Federation of the Institutes of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA)

Address: 89 Short Street #04-02 Golden Wall Center, Singapore 188216


1. Creation of a Council comprising representatives from recognized national Food Science and Technology Institutes or organizations within ASEAN. Each organization so represented shall be an Ordinary member of FIFSTA. Each ordinary member shall nominate two representatives, one regular and one alternate, to the Council.

2. Election of a Chairman of the Council shall be by members of the Council

3. Appointment of Committees, Sections or Groupings, that the Council may deem necessary to achieve FIFSTAs aims which shall be through:
* organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses;
* publishing periodicals, newsletters and reports;
* exchanging documentations, literatures, speakers, instructors, instructional aids, etc.

4. Development of other methods and/or approaches to achieve objectives which shall be decided by the FIFSTA Council

ASEAN Food Conference

The conference will provide opportunity to meet and share experiences as well as strengthen networking among international food scientists and scientists in related fields from academia, government and food industries. The purpose of ASEAN Food Conference is to highlight significant developments in research and innovations in food science and technology with an emphasis on food products innovation. The conference will feature a series of presentations and discussions in plenary, concurrent and poster sessions, informal gatherings, competitions and exhibitions.

The event is one of the flagship projects of ASEAN COST in support of the Vientiane Action Program endorsed by the ASEAN leaders at the ASEAN Summit in Vientiane in November 2004. In line with the ASEAN COST objective of strengthening and enhancement of the capability of ASEAN in science and technology to promote economic development and help achieve a high quality of life for the people of ASEAN, AFC  to bring together scientists, technologists, researchers, academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, policy planners, students, international and regional agencies as well as government and non government organizations and stakeholders related to the food industry to promote scientific knowledge by sharing new findings, developing strategic alliances to further develop the food industry and accelerate trade and growth of the economies of ASEAN.


ASEAN Undergraduate Quiz Bowl Competition is a question and answer game of knowledge and quick recall based on the popular College Quiz Bowl (College Bowl Company, Incorporated).  Game Questions cover several topics in the field of Food Science and Technology. This competition is one of the activities held in conjunction with ASEAN Food Conference.


The ASEAN Best Graduate Paper Competition (oratory) and ASEAN Best Product Exhibition are two additional activities which have been carried out during the AFC since it was first introduced in 1994 intended to encourage and honor budding ASEAN scientists and innovative commercial products produced by the food industries in ASEAN.